It was a sad day for me

Well, coming from a strict family made my journey to Australia a bit harder without my father’s blessing and support. I had lots of emotional ups and downs. I am hearing bad news from all around the world . My positive energetic part of me is becoming sad and isolated. Sitting alone in my room crying of what is going on in the world. I still think that things gonna change. How ? When? I don’t know! I am sure next generation will have a special maturity and sophistication that we still don’t have. I trust them and I will let the door to be open to new ideas for whoever is younger than me despite I can see many old people don’t do the same. All my life, I was looking for a mentor, for a wise person to see and put it as my role model, I realised that no one is complete. Maybe I can have thousands of mentors learning everything from everyone 🙂 I don’t want to read the news for a while to focus on better things that might happen in the future.

The first bunny I have ever had after 27 years!

Today is the Easter and people are happy. having fun and eating sweet things like the bread that I had in the morning and they gather together to celebrate. I was talking about this and that without thinking about anything and I came back to my room and I saw this bunny here looking at me with a smile. It was too cute and funny to find it there. Being a very creative person, my landlord-called T – made me laugh to my heart and feel cheerful for that!

I know that I am still figuring out new things like a baby but I really like to be the person that makes everyone happy including T.

Just wanted to write it here to share my inner excitement for future me and make sure that I remember to do the same for other people ^^

Question #1:

With deforestation, urban development and illegal hunting, many animal species are becoming endangered and some are even facing extinction. Do you think it is important to protect animals? What can be done to deal with this problem?

The demand for a modern and up-to-date lifestyle is at an all-time high, not only in developed countries as people are moving from rural area to cities to have access to the latest technologies and facilities, and this may result in loosing many kinds of creatures. As with all new trends, there are some debates about whether we should save all herbivorous and carnivorous from getting extincted by human, and I think we must do our best to prevent any changes to the nature.

One key reason for protecting endangered animals is the fact that the ecosystem’s food chain will be broken, and faunas will lose the related predator or Prey, which may result in an imbalance ecosystem. Therefore, many animals might immigrate or they might change their eating habit to get used to the new situation. For example, if Greasily bear extincts, many grey rabbits will reproduce and they may attack farms to find vegetables to survive. In contrast, we might face wild carnivorous mammal that might attach human to find food and their hunger might render the geographical location irrelevant, and they can attach animals that had never been their food including human. From a purely eating habit perspective, we might prevent a disaster to happen, and we are also protecting human by saving wild animal’s habitat and food and prevention of unnecessary building.

Moreover, animals on earth had been living billions of years before human’s evolution. Even homosapien had never lived the life we already are living and it can be immoral to leave what we have ruined once, while we don’t owe the mother nature. Although people crave improvement and having a modern life may offer a welcome addition to what we already have, many animals will loose their habitat, and it is not humane.As a sophisticated living kind, we may be more responsible for what we are doing to our planet. In addition, wildlife, as it comes from the word’s meaning, cannot be captivated in Zoos or reproduced at clinics because it might not be not enough to take care of them artificially artificially. Some actions matter such as stopping urbanism and establishing law against extralegal hunting and banning some kinds of production like fur clothes or leather bags and shoes.

In conclusion, we might be parasites for many living creatures, and the nature’s equilibrium is in danger because of our actions and inactions. Being a selfish breed, seldom do decision makers put endangered animal’s in priority, and the challenge for the legal system is to find the right balance and establish useful law to protect animals and give enough space to human’s desire for modernism.

05:00 AM till 01:00 PM

It is all bout COVID-19 that has changed my routine. I had a tough week during and I kept thinking why that pandemic is happening and how people are reacting. My colleagues kept telling me to hoard some food and toilet paper. I did agree with food for a short time but toilet paper seemed nonsense.
I spent all my weekend thinking about my IELTS exam and working on it while many people are bored in quarantine. I need a VERY high score to be able to stay in NSW otherwise I should go to small cities. Overall, it doesn’t matter where I go, what matters is that I am away from my love and I want his company as fast as possible.
Stay safe bebe

Steady and Slow

There is no need to explain why being steady is important? but what is slow?
Well, I need to practice English and I want to write my diary. I think I will improve after a long time because I spend like 15 minutes each day to write.

I wanted to start playing piano, which is my all-time favorite instrument but I didn’t have the gut to do so. I was in talking with a Polish women. She told me that the concept of learning for her is a gradual and constant practice and she has no doubt that if I start playing piano, I will play my favorite song in a few years. And that happened! I called my sister’s friend who was a piano teacher. She accepted me as her student. I will tell you about our classes but just keep in mind that I hold her in highest regard and I can’t forget my sheer enjoyment for the time that I used to spend at her room. Ah I really miss her!
Having said that, I want to keep writing even if they are nonsense and irrelevant.
Stay tuned till my next essay.

The art of criticism

Barely does my dad give his blessing toward my decisions. I normally face barrage of criticism about everything. But he was calm and I could feel that he is thinking the world of me when he met my love for the first time. He surprisingly heartily approved our decision to get married… I remember my partner called me thousand times and checked every details with me he was thinking about his clothes from a few days before… I could feel the enthusiasm in his voice and my heart! Long the story short, my dad liked him and he was speaking highly of him after their meeting.
My mom and sisters congratulated me warmly and we both finally took a deep relieving breath after winning everyone’s approval.

Wanted to talk about the art of criticism. I know my dad’s way is wrong but I don’t know which way is exactly right. I normally criticize based on age and experience and I prefer to say that in a private room. I don’t like scathing criticism and I try to say that a bit mild.

Moving to a new place again

I just arrived from a farewell meal with my flatmate. I felt shy and asked her not to treat me but she insisted since she wanted us to have a good memory of each other.

Well, when I was preparing myself to come here, I told myself that I must be flexible. Anything might happen. This is the third place that I am moving so far.
The first one was for Indonesian girls that I could not get along well with them since their lifestyle was in a completely opposite way not clean, not healthy not even polite full of mistakes. I didn’t utter a word since I knew that I will leave there soon but I experienced things that I haven’t and became more patient and mature I suppose. The second one was for and an Indian girl and now the third one is for an Australian. It will be a great opportunity to learn more about the Aussie accent! She was so nice from the first beginning I could relater to her and I hope I will feel like home.
I am also thrilled to live in a house with three dogs! It must be cute seeing them every day 🙂

The hard part is moving perse, carrying my bag from place to place they are heavy. Happily, I have a car this time and I don’t need to use my shoulder and hands all the time.

First Day

Seeing this note today, helped me believe that I am officially hired and the stormy days are over. I must allocate my effort and energy to thrive as much as possible now.
* I didn’t have time to write these days… I am going to explain that later …

The Infection

I got an earache in the middle of the night in the second week of my arrival in Sydney. I was crying and searching for a drug store which is called Chemist. I couldn’t find a single open one to buy painkiller around!
I called my friend who is a doctor and she told me that It must be an infection, she told me to wait till morning and imagine that I don’t have this ear to tolerate the pain.
In the dawn, the pain got worse and I searched for a Hospital and I went to an emergency room…
Ah God! Seldom do I pay attention to regular pain but this one was different. I got the hospital while I could not stop my tears :'(
The infection is gone after two weeks of taking two types of Antibiotics which were very strong and heavy pain killers for one week but my ear is still half-block and the doctor told me that it might take a month. Thankfully I don’t have pain now but it was hell hard to handle all these right after arrival to a new place.

My LinkedIn is upgraded to premium!

These days, I embrace every opportunity that I encounter and I don’t want to pass up a single chance. I decided to attend every free gathering, events, and courses. I went to a toastmaster club in the evening! Do you know what toastmaster is? For me, It was new and I just wanted to give it a try. I just introduced myself as Narci and told them that I don’t know anything about here and what is going on I just know that I am looking for a job.
During the break, a very kind girl came across and told me that she can help me with a gift from LinkedIn 🙂 She also told me that her mother has visited Iran <3 I wanted to hug her but it was more like a formal conversation.

After the session, another nice person gave me his business card and told me to send my CV to him since they have a vacancy in their Marketing team. WOW! If the world had an environment like the one that I had seen, we wouldn’t have any hardship.